Brooklyn loves to go to school and enjoys her teachers and friends. She is a quick learner and has maintained her grades, even though she’s been placed in several different schools. Brooklyn likes to create things such as cards, pictures, or complete a task for someone. She likes to ride her bike and play outside with friends. Brooklyn is honest and very caring. She likes horses, science experiments, singing at church, and going to new places. Brooklyn loves to learn and enjoys math and science. She also enjoys reading and likes to be read to at night.

Reed is an outdoor-loving, creative and energetic young boy. He loves to ride his bike and play outside. Reed enjoys fishing and playing baseball. He hit his first home-run last year in T-ball! Reed also likes to complete puzzles and put things together, whether the activity is blocks, Legos, or a matching game. Reed likes to show adults and peers that he can do things independently. Reed is very competitive, especially when it comes to his sisters. Reed has recently taken an interest in painting and art activities. Reed loves to help others.

Sophia is a very intelligent little girl. She loves the color pink, painting her nails, picking out her clothes, and shopping. Sophia loves school and is a quick learner. Sophia is starting to learn how to read and likes to be read to at night. She loves to play outside with her siblings and friends. Sophia is creative and very comical. She is spunky and witty. Sophia wants to copy her older sister Brooklyn, so she tries to act like her. Sophia is caring and sensitive. She likes to give hugs and cares for her peers. Sophia also likes to attend church and sing. She does really well in group activities and thrives in educational settings.