Brody is an energetic and fun loving young boy. Brody loves to be on the move! He is very active and enjoys swimming, sports, gymnastics, hikes, and playing outside. He can ride his bike without training wheels, and he can swim without any floaties. He can do a back handspring, a back flip, and a one handed cart wheel! Brody loves animals, especially dogs. When he is not playing outside, he loves to calm down by building and playing with Legos, especially those themed around his favorite video game, Minecraft. Brody would like a family who will take him on adventures, and who will enroll him in Karate or Gymnastic classes. He dreams of a forever family who will listen to him and care for him, and he would like to be a Karate Teacher when he grows up. Jayden is an intelligent and athletic young man with multiple interests and talents. He is very musical and he can play the ukulele, guitar, drums, and piano. Jayden is an excellent student and he wants to learn to drive and he would like to have a job. He enjoys church and youth activities, and he likes to relax in the evenings and play games online with his friends. Jayden wants more than anything to find a forever home for his brother Brody. He would like to put down roots, and truly be part of a community. Jayden desires a family who will be supportive of his transition to adulthood, and who will be good listeners. He dreams of attending college and majoring in a technical or musical field. He also loves to bake, and has thought about starting his own bakery when he is older.