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Brittany is the oldest sibling. She enjoys going to school to see her friends. Brittany is good at crafts and enjoys being creative with art by coloring, drawing, and painting. Brittany is honest, very caring and states, “I have a big heart.” Brittany hopes to find a forever family with a mom and dad that embraces her and her siblings. She loves animals and would love to have dogs and cats as a part of the family. Brittany would enjoy participating in family activities such as movie nights, game nights and family adventures.

Shyann enjoys riding her bike, playing outside, watching wrestling, playing sports like basketball and softball, tablet time, playing Barbies, and sleeping. Shyann dislikes “girlie” things, but overall, she does not have many dislikes. Shyann is easygoing, funny, and witty. When asked about her perfect family, Shyann said, “a loving and caring mom and dad that do fun things together.” Some activities she would enjoy doing with her family would be trips to the park or zoo, camping, and game nights.

Brian enjoys playing outside, riding his bike, tablet time, and playing with trucks. Brian is very loving and sweet. When asked what his picture-perfect family would look like, Brian said “a mom and dad with brothers and sisters that do things together.” Brian enjoys watching gaming videos and playing video games. He also likes Hot Wheels cars. Brian does well with other children and enjoys playing with his peers.