Brandon TN01-29331916

Brandon is a high-spirited and energetic youth. He is a people person who makes friends easily. Brandon loves all kinds of art. He is creative and has a good imagination. He is eager to learn new things. Brandon loves sports. He is interested in playing basketball when school starts back in the Fall. Brandon enjoys building construction with Legos. Brandon enjoys watching animated movies and is somewhat of a jokester. Brandon loves playing video games on the family computer. Brandon has a good appetite and will eat whatever is cooked and placed on the table. He likes to help in the kitchen and knows how to make simple meals for himself. Brandon looks forward to going to all you can eat buffets on the weekends. Brandon loves the beach and would like to go to the beach one day to see the ocean and build different structures in the sand. Brandon is a people person who makes friends easily. He is looking for a family who will support his creativity and desire to try and learn new things. Brandon is very curious and often asks a lot of questions to connect with people. Brandon loves pets and hopes to have his own pet to take care of and love one day. Brandon is proud that he made the Honor Roll at school twice this year.