Meet Benjamin and Jeremiah:

About Benjamin:

Benjamin is very reserved until he knows someone and then he begins to open up. He is a very loving and kind child who is compassionate and caring. He takes pride in completing tasks correctly. He is creative and enjoys having a creative outlet. He likes books, action figures, drawing, coloring, and Hot Wheels. He enjoys movie days and playing outside. Benjamin looks forward to outings.

Others say that Benjamin is “a ball of energy”. He is very creative; from making large items out of paper and tape to activity books for his peers to use for fun. He is very inquisitive and asks thought provoking questions. He is very expressive and animated and you always know what Benjamin is feeling. He is energizing to be around. Benjamin is eager to find a family.

About Jeremiah:

Jeremiah is the older of the two brothers; a smart and witty young man with a sense of humor he is proud of. He likes conversations with his peers and adults. Jeremiah is very outspoken when he trusts the people in his life. He enjoys playing outside and inside with Pokémon, Hot Wheels cars and bouncy houses. He enjoys outings and planned activities. He likes reading and being read to, as well.

Others say Jeremiah is “a bright and expressive child”. Once he warms up to someone he is very caring and protective. Some of Jeremiah’s favorite toys include Pokémon cards, remote controlled cars and kinetic sand. He enjoys having a close peer group to play with and has been described as having a big heart, very intelligent, creative and caring. His worker says “it is always a pleasure to visit with Jeremiah. I can count on laughing and having a solid conversation with him. Whether it is going through a grocery ad and pretending to make a meal or talking about his dreams and aspirations, he is insightful and able to process decisions made and actions needed.”