Azhianne TN01-31399883

Azhianne is an energetic and engaging child who enjoys playing basketball, football, and boxing. He likes to spend quality time with caregivers who are active and engaged in high energy activities. Azhianne enjoys spending time outside and likes to participate in healthy competition with others. He enjoys any type of game and strives to form close relationships with caregivers. Azhianne’s favorite subjects in school are math, science, and language arts. At school, he enjoys participating in active lessons like doing experiments. Azhianne enjoys music and enjoys participating in African drumming. He enjoys playing video games as well. Azhianne dreams of being a professional athlete and wants to go to college and potentially become a police officer so he can help others. Azhianne’s favorite superhero is Black Panther! Azhianne wants parents who care for him and praise him when he does well. He would love to have a loving family to be with forever!