Ayden TN01-115063012

Walter is a smart and savvy young man. Others describe him as resourceful and driven. Walter likes drawing and reading. He also enjoys playing video games and basketball in his spare time. Walter is talkative when he feels comfortable with you, and he is very loyal. Ayden is a remarkable young man. He loves attention and praise. Like most youth his age, he likes to explore, play video games, and work on his tablet. Ayden is a good student and does well in school.

Walter and Ayden would do well in a home that can provide them with positivity and patience. Walter would also benefit from parents that can help him navigate his born leadership skills. Walter & Ayden have a strong bond with their siblings, so it will be important for a family to respect those relationships and advocate for those connections to remain strong. If you can advocate for this sibling group with unconditional love, patience and commitment, please inquire today!