Axel TN01-106023939

Axel is very loving and outgoing. He is a funny little boy with the best personality. His foster parent says he is stubborn and doesn’t let anything hold him back. Axel loves with his whole heart. He is a very fast learner. Axel adapts well, is strong willed, curious, and resilient. He enjoys play cooking in his toy kitchen. He is interested in sports, especially basketball. He loves sliding at the playground, loves the outdoors, and animals.

Max is a fun-loving little boy that is full of personality and humor. He is described as independent and outgoing. His foster parent states that he is a good listener and follows directions well for his age. He is a good eater and is not picky about foods. He enjoys playing with hot wheels cars and race tracks, being on the playground, and “cooking” in the play kitchen with his brother. Max loves running free in the yard and gravitates towards playing with older kids. He likes dancing to upbeat music. His foster parent stated that “everyone who has met him is in love with him.”