Arianna TN01-12583374

Arianna is a very active and confident young girl. Like her older sister, she loves to do back bends, splits, and flips. Arianna is shy and reserved when meeting new people, but once she gets to know you she is outgoing, friendly, and curious. She has a huge imagination that needs room to roam. She can articulate very creative stories, and she loves to draw and color all the time! Her favorite color is purple. Arianna is independent and loves to organize her things. She will sing any country or pop music song, and she knows most of them! Arianna likes to practice Tik Tok dances with her sister and they know all of them. Arianna has a love for animals, especially cats! Arianna’s favorite food is corn. She loves to help in the kitchen. Arianna’s favorite subject in school is social studies.