Any ah

Talee is a beautiful young girl who loves to spend time with her siblings. She is artistic and creative, and she likes to spend time drawing, coloring, and painting. Talee enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite activities are roller skating and ice skating, swimming, going on vacations with family, and going to water/theme parks. Talee likes school, and she has lots of friends at school and in the neighborhood. Talee would like to have a pet, and she likes playing with dogs and cats. Talee likes eating out, and her current favorite restaurant is McDonald’s. She enjoys eating and reports that she does not dislike any foods. Talee enjoys picking out her own clothes, as she is getting older and wants to have that freedom of choice. She also enjoys doing her own hair. One of her desires is to go to Florida for vacation, spend time on the beach, play in the sand, and ride her bike.

Jeremy loves spending time with family and playing with his siblings. He enjoys riding his bike and playing sports such as football and basketball. Jeremy loves being outdoors, camping, staying in a cabin in the mountains, and going to water and theme parks. Jeremy is a calm person with a great personality. He loves his brothers and sisters, and he always lets them know he cares a great deal about all of them. Jeremy likes playing video games, skating, bowling, playing ping –pong, and golfing. Jeremy loves to eat, and has a really good appetite. His favorite place to eat is Golden Corral. He stated that the only thing he does not like to eat is mushrooms. Jeremy’s favorite colors are blue and red. Jeremy would like to have a pet in his new home. He stated he would love to have a pet tiger!

Lynndon loves spending time and playing with his siblings. He enjoys going to school, and he is a very smart young man. Lynndon has a good personality with a great sense of humor. He loves golfing with his brother, riding his bike, playing video games, roller skating/roller blading, and bowling. Lynndon enjoys theme parks and water parks, going camping, going to the lake and ocean, and staying in cabins in the mountains. Lynndon wants to take swimming lessons so he can become a great swimmer. He also enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He would like a dog and a fish tank in his new home.

Anyah is a very friendly and outgoing little girl who loves spending time with her siblings. Anyah is very close to her younger sister. She is very social, and she loves to talk! Anyah is a very bright child and a quick learner who does extremely well in school. She has wonderful study skills, and she is an excellent student. Anyah loves school and field trips. She enjoys going out to eat, especially to Golden Corral. She is quick to tell you that she does not like eating veggies, but junk food is good for you! Anyah is very respectful child. She enjoys exploring outdoors, going on vacations in the mountains, visiting lakes and oceans, and going to theme parks and water parks. She has a creative mind, and she enjoys drawing, coloring, painting, and making things. Anyah likes playing with her dolls, putting clothes on them and combing their hair. She also likes to dress up with her sister. Anyah is very flexible and likes to tumble, flip, and do gymnastics. She likes to play video games and board games. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

Niobie is a fabulous little girl with a big heart! She loves everyone and enjoys talking. Niobie has a great attitude and is “an old soul” type of little girl. She will have a serious conversation about whatever the topic is. Niobie has a personality like no other, full of spirit and kindness. She loves her siblings, and she always wants to be right in the middle of whatever is going on. Niobie likes playing with dolls, going outdoors, riding her bike, and going to school. She likes to be independent, and can “do it herself.” She is a very intelligent little girl who loves to learn. Her favorite school activities are the learning labs and field trips. Zoo Day was her favorite, and she will talk and talk about the animals she saw and touched. Niobie loves paying dress up with her older sister, and her favorite colors are blue and pink. Her favorite pastimes are going out with family, traveling, going out to eat, watching movies, and going on vacations. Her favorite place to eat is Golden Corral, and she loves the strawberries and chocolate sauce there!

Raziel is the baby boy of the family. He is Mr. Personality and is full of energy and independence. He wants to do things by himself with no help. Raziel’s favorite toy is a green dinosaur named Rex that goes everywhere with him. Raziel is a talker once he gets to know you. He has a friendly, warm heart. Raziel loves playing with his siblings, but he can also entertain himself all day. Raziel loves to go skating and bowling. He also enjoys the outdoors and spending time smelling the grass and picking flowers, sticks and weeds. Raziel enjoys talking about the sun, moon, and clouds. He is a very happy child.