Angel TN01-24264896

“I love animals, especially cats and dogs. Someday I want to open my own animal shelter. I like drawing and listening to music. I prefer country and pop music. I like movies and my favorites are Beethoven, Beauty and the Beast, and Hamilton. I like to try new foods. My favorite foods include pierogis, chicken nuggets, carrots, strawberries, broccoli, and mac and cheese. I really don’t care for Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, radishes and cantaloupe. I want to learn to cook and bake new things. I enjoy school, especially reading. I do very well in school. My favorite class is math, and my least favorite is social studies. I like to be outdoors and play with my friends or go swimming. I would like to learn how to play soccer and be on a team. I want a family that has pets, other kids and maybe lives in the country and has animals. I would like to play games like board games and card games with a family too.”

Angel is incredibly bright and inquisitive. She excels in school and has a bright personality. She especially loves to read and likes the “Warrior Cats” series. She also likes to color and draw. She can be giggly and fun. She is good at most things she sets out to do. She has a big heart for animals, especially cats and dogs. She especially likes St. Bernard’s like in the movie Beethoven. Angel plays well with others her age and enjoys spending time outdoors. She likes to be active, but she also enjoys relaxing at times as well.