Kristofer and Alexander ”John”- Kristofer and Alexander “John” are two wonderful siblings that will be placed together in an adoptive home. Kristofer has a great sense of humor. He enjoys playing video games and sports in his spare time. Kristofer especially enjoys playing baseball and is on a local team. He can be shy, but interacts well with peers and adults. Alexander, who is affectionately called John, is smart. John is described as a loving child. He enjoys playing video games and sports. John also enjoys playing Lego’s and coloring. He interacts well with adults and peers.
Kristofer and John will thrive in an environment where expectations are clearly defined. Kristofer and John will do well in a loving two-parent home that is structured. The boys need adoptive parents who understand teen and pre-teen behaviors, and parents who are willing to meet them where they are emotionally. Kristofer and John respond extremely well to approval and will thrive in an environment of positive praise. These children have expressed that they want to remain in Tennessee.