Alex TN01-24644286

Meet Alex! Alex is an intelligent young man that needs a family to call his own. Alex loves music very much and misses playing sax in band. Alex loves listening to music and identifies music as being a major part of his life. He is a cool young man that is open to new experiences. Alex excels in school and is going to flourish in high school. He is great with most subjects but especially mathematics and language arts. Alex vibes best with caregivers that are upfront about expectations and are fluent in sarcasm. He also would love to experience family time with game and movie nights but can also understand that he’s a growing teen that needs opportunities to branch out. Alex enjoys a balance of social time and introspection and values opportunities for self-growth. He is not a kid that will complain of boredom and channels creativity in those moments instead. Could you be the home that Alex has waited for? Inquire today!