Aidan TN01-10304564

Aidan likes to be outside, hunt, play video games, and hang out with friends. He enjoys listening to R&B and country music. Aidan enjoys eating steak, spaghetti, and pizza. He is described by those who know him as an easygoing and likeable kid. Aidan is social, attuned to other people’s feelings, and open and honest with his emotions. He is level headed and rational when making decisions. He handles difficult situations with grace and is very resilient. Aidan adjusts well to new environments. He can be silly and playful at times. Aidan goes with the flow and likes to try new things. He is considerate of others and gives good, encouraging advice. Aidan takes pride in school and his grades. He is organized and has his own calendar to keep up with his responsibilities and appointments.

Please note: Aidan wants to stay in Tennessee. Therefore, his team is only accepting inquiries from families in Tennessee.