Madison is a sweet and loving young lady. She enjoys playing outside, riding her bike, drawing and making up stories to go along with her drawings. Madison enjoys dressing up and wearing makeup. She has a vivid imagination. Madison is very caring and loves to help others.

Sean is a very sweet and kind young man. He enjoys going to church and plans to become a preacher one day. He loves to play outside. He enjoys fishing, hiking. bike riding and swimming. Sean is currently participating in karate classes, and he enjoys every second of it! He enjoys attending school and learning new things. Sean has a great personality and enjoys making people laugh. He spends a lot of his free time reading the Bible.

Adam is a very cute, affectionate, and kind young boy. He loves to play with Legos. He enjoys playing outside, swimming, hiking and riding his bike. He does well in school. He enjoys entertaining and laughing with others. He also loves to color and draw. Adam gets along well with others and also does well playing by himself.