Abigail (Abby) is an active and bright young lady who loves to be outdoors playing. Abby’s favorite subject in school is math, and her favorite colors are purple and pink. Abby enjoys coloring and spending time with her friends and siblings. Her favorite candies are Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, and Twix. Abby enjoys getting attention.

Eli is an active and bright young man with a sweet and charming personality. He is eager to receive praise and attention. Eli enjoys watching TV, playing with Legos, and playing video games. He really enjoys the outdoors and appreciates all that nature brings. Eli is independent and wants to try and do things for himself before receiving help. He excels at communication and is not afraid to share what he is thinking with others. Eli is very active and likes to transition from one activity to the next. Eli is a social young man and likes to interact with others.

Madelyn (Madi) is a happy toddler who is full of energy and loves to make people laugh. Madi is a sweet and active little girl. She loves playing with her siblings and listening to music. Madi has a good appetite and enjoys trying new foods. She is easygoing and is a joy to be around. Madi has an infectious laugh and a smile that will warm anyone’s heart.