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Families beginning the journey of adoption can look forward to joyful times and stressful times – to exciting opportunities and to challenges. Fortunately, numerous sources of information, help, and support are available to families on all stages of this lifetime journey.

ASAP: Harmony’s ASAP program (Adoption Support and Preservation) provides critical support to Tennessee families: in-home crisis intervention, family and individual therapy, and support groups. Families that have participated in the program have a 99% adoption success rate.

ASAP Program

Support groups: FUSE groups (Families*United*Supported*Engaged) support and educate adoptive and pre-adoptive parents as they navigate the challenges and notable experiences that occur throughout the adoption journey. The FUSE groups focus on one key psycho-educational or adoption-specific topic each month and provide opportunities for group discussion and sharing. The groups are open to all foster-to-adopt, pre-adoptive, and adoptive families.

Adoption Support Group Schedule

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Harmony wants to ensure that you have access to tools and information on issues affecting children and families. Here you can find a glossary to help you understand terms and concepts commonly used in discussions having to do with adoption. The library is also a source of articles on issues of interest to families, the Harmony blog and e-newsletters, Harmony videos, and links to website and podcasts where you will find information on a range of adoption-related issues.

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