Jessica, Dillon

Dillon is a handsome, personable and very articulate young man with impressive communication skills. He is very capable of expressing his inner thoughts and feelings. He is beginning to understand he has a voice and a choice regarding his future. Dillon has resided in at least three other states; experiencing different cultures, communities and events unique to those different states/cities. The experience of residing in other states has given Dillon the opportunity to view the world from more than just one perspective. Dillon has an array of interests/activities he enjoys, including watching Japanese cartoons (Tsunami) and reading Japanese cartoon books. He has an excellent understanding of and ability to excel in playing video games. He also has interest in cars. Dillon is musically talented in playing the trumpet. Dillon does well in school, is very good in science, and always puts forth his best effort. Jessica: Jessica is a bright and social teenager with a great smile. She attends school and does very well there. She is on track to graduate. Jessica enjoys reading many different genres of books and she is interested in Greek mythology. In addition to enjoying school, she is also very athletic and participates in a variety of sports, including basketball. She is a great sister to her brother and she is a loyal friend to others. Jessica is a strong and resilient young lady with an amazing future.