Sergio is a likable child with a vivid imagination and a flare for the dramatic. He enjoys video games, television and movies. Sergio likes to play outside. He is capable of making friends, but needs some assistance with appropriate peer interactions. He has played organized basketball and baseball in the past and would be interested in joining another team sport, specifically football. Sergio enjoys one on one attention.  He plans to join ROTC in high school. Sergio is a creative young man who likes writing and singing. Sergio wants and needs a forever family. He does not have a racial preference for his family. He would like his adoptive family to be active and church going. Sergio is open to city or rural living, and prefers to stay in the Tennessee Valley area.  He would prefer a two parent home, but is open to a single parent. He would benefit from a strong male role model. Sergio needs a home with patient, supportive parents who can provide a structured routine and assistance with his educational needs.  Sergio needs encouragement to participate in outdoor exercise and maintaining activity.